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Board Members

2020 - 2021

Brenda Harrell, President.jpg

Brenda Harrell


Mary King Guinn Vice President-2_edited.jpg

Mary King Guinn

Vice President

Dana Perryman-1_edited.jpg

Dana Perryman

Recording Secretary

Gussie W_edited.jpg

Gussie W. Powe


Hattie Coatney-right_edited.jpg

Hattie Coatney

Financial Secretary

Stephanie Beacham-1_edited.jpg

Stephanie Beacham

Board Member

Babette De Lay_edited.jpg

Babette De Lay

Board Member

Cheryl Franklin_edited.jpg

Cheryl Franklin

Board Member

Ella Franklin in green_edited.jpg

Ella Franklin

Board Member

Alice Grigsby_edited.jpg

Alice Grigsby

Board Member

Jessie Sampson-1_edited.jpg

Jessie Sampson

Board Member

Barbara Satterfield in green_edited.jpg

Barbara Satterfield

Board Member

Jacquelyn Sims_edited.jpg

Jacquelyn Sims

Board Member

Lynn Williams_edited.jpg

Lynn Williams

Board Member

Flora Wells 2 Deceased_edited.jpg

Flora Wells



The Ivy Philanthropic Foundation, in collaboration with Mu Beta Omega Chapter, strives to impact the lives of citizens in the local Los Angeles County area as well as provide scholarships to deserving high school students each year.  Our efforts are made possible by supporters who believe in making a difference in the lives of others.  Meet our 2021 scholarship recipients:

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